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About us

About us

The young Turkish architect Serif SOGUKBULAK (1982) was born in Istanbul and graduated from the University in 2002 as a Civil Engineer and a Masters degree in Architecture in 2003, Serif SOGUKBULAK worked for some prestiques construction companies in Istanbul to gain more business experience, especially international business experience. 

In his professional personal career, he has so far mainly worked on residential architecture and experimental projects. These projects showcase remarkable awareness in respect of both the functional management of each space and harmony of the whole.

After completing so many great projects for those international companies, he decided to found his own company which will be focusing more on architecture, especially in interior architechture and he became the founder of ARTSTYLE ARCHITECTURE in year 2007.

In his designs, he is mainly focusing on neo classic style and trying to get the harmony in between natural look, modern touch and classic finishing, as well as attempting to combine comfort with beauty and nature, while reviving local architectural traditions. All due, in particular, to his judicial use of materials such as wood, marble and natural light.

Architecture touches upon aesthetics, image, light, materiality, details, spirituality and many other things. But its innovative power is to transform people and the way they live, while striking a new balance between the man-made and nature. 



Serif SOGUKBULAK selected works and projects

- VILLA (HOLLAND ), 2018
- VILLA (İstanbul, Alkent) – 2020